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Our Kickstarter campaign is now LIVE!

Our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is now live! Browse the rewards below, go directly to the campaign page to make your pledge — you don't want to miss your opportunity to bring Squirrely Roo Rabbit's heroes to life!

New to Kickstarter? We listed some frequently asked questions below. Feel free to reach out to us with other questions, too!


Frequently asked questions

  • What are the rewards I can receive for backing your campaign?
    Backers can pledge to receive unique rewards, including Kickstarter-exclusive merchandise (e.g., pins and stickers), a bonus track on the Squirrely Roo official soundtrack, the opportunity to design an NPC with us, seeing your name listed in the game's credits, and an exclusive Discord role. Please see our Kickstarter page for more detailed information about these rewards and more!
  • Why plushies?
    The Squirrely Roo Rabbit and Cammie plushies bring the main characters from our upcoming indie video game, Squirrely Roo Rabbit, to life! The two became fast friends in our game, and we hope they’ll become your friends just as fast. ​ As avid plushie lovers, we’re very excited about the prospect of turning our own characters into huggable friends to share with you!
  • I've bought a Squirrely Roo plushie from you at a convention in the past. Is this Squirrely Roo plushie different?
    Thank you for supporting Boba Studios! The Squirrely Roo plushie's design will not be changing for Kickstarter backers, but we will be introducing a brand-new Cammie plushie that backers can select as a reward, with or without the Squirrely Roo plushie.
  • Can I back your campaign without receiving a reward?
    Yes! Simply follow the prompt when you make your pledge in Kickstarter.
  • How is backing your Kickstarter different from shopping in your Etsy store?
    Backing a Kickstarter campaign is not the same as shopping in our online store. The items you select as rewards for backing our campaign generally have not been created yet; Kickstarter is an opportunity for us to bring new and in-demand merch ideas to life, even if they require a large minimum order that is prohibitive for a small business like ours. Because we have been selling Boba Studios merch for years, we have experience, knowledge, and existing relationships with proven manufacturers that we will use to fulfill the creation of all rewards for our Kickstarter backers.
  • Do you offer discounts or promo codes on your Kickstarter rewards?
    All Kickstarter reward tiers are priced with a discount factored in (compared to the value of the item[s] if you were to buy them individually). Because of this, Kickstarter does not offer discount codes.
  • What are add-ons?
    Add-ons are items that you can add on individually to any pledge for an existing reward tier. For example, if you pledge a donation for the Squirrely Roo and Cammie plushie reward tier, you can also select to add an additional donation to receive an enamel pin as an add-on (even though it doesn't come bundled already with the plushie reward tier).
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